Do Facewipes, Baby Wipes and Cotton Buds cause blocked drains?

Never flush wipes down the toilet as they can cause a drain to block. Lots of brands will claim on their packaging that the wipes are ‘flushable’. Yes, they may flush down the toilet but what happens after then? The wipes will not break down in the drain. Sometimes they catch onto small defects in the drain which then build up, causing a blockage. Best practice would be to dispose of used wipes in the bin, or maybe not to use them at all?

Whilst on the note of wipes, we also notice cotton buds being flushed. Albeit these are claimed to be made from card now rather then plastic, they are the perfect size to lodge themselves within your drain and cause a catching point for passing waste. In turn causing a blockage. If you suspect a blockage has been caused by either wipes or cotton buds, our engineers really do need to know. With this information we will be able to get you back up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

All of our vehicles are fully equipped, and where possible we endeavour a first-time fix, at a fixed price. CCTV inspections are carried out, and of course don’t forget our 90-day guarantee.

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