Do Tree Roots cause damaged or blocked drains?

Tree roots in drains can be a real problem. Roots will penetrate the joints on the pipework and grow inside the pipe. This can often lead to a blockage within the drain or worse still, leakage of water to the ground below.

Techflow Drainage have invested in the best root cutting and electromechanical technology, to remove these pesky roots from within your drains. Upon completion of root cutting, we will descale the line with high pressure water jetting and carry out a CCTV inspection. Being your local drainage specialists, we have the no-dig technology to install a drain liner to cover the ingress point of the roots. Best of all, this can usually be done within a day or two.

Preventative measures are always best. It is a good idea to not plant shrubs, trees etc in the vicinity of the drains. If you are unsure where your drains are then we can help with a CCTV drainage survey. The report we provide will have a map of the drains, condition, material in which the drains are made from etc. use the “Get in touch” button on our website or telephone the office on 01606 636101 to ask for an example of one of our mortgage and insurance approved reports.

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