Drain Cleaning/Clearing

Drain cleaning can be done via numerous methods. It is commonly undertaken using a drain jetting system. When clearing your drains with this system, it can be done fast and efficiently with no effect on the environment.

We often start by using scoops within the drain when mud and leaves are found to be causing a blockage. Once this method is carried out, and the waste has been bagged for removal, the drain jetting process would be carried out.

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Can I clean my drains out myself?

We would always ask if you have tried to clear them yourself. Try the following method before giving us a call:

If this hasn’t helped, carry out the process again. If you are still experiencing issues, it may well be time to contact a local qualified drainage engineer.

Should I carry out regular cleaning or wait until an issue arises?

Prevention is certainly better than cure. We would recommend pouring boiling water into the outlets of sinks, showers and baths on a weekly basis, or when you clean these areas of your home or office. The drains outside of your home or office should be inspected regularly, removing any debris such as leaves or rubbish. If the drain appears to be running ok and working, then it wouldn’t harm to pour hot water down regularly to help maintain and clear and free flowing drain.

When drains stop working, overflowing and letting off pungent odours, it would then be time to call your local independent drainage engineer. Techflow Drainage, offer a free call out for a drainage engineer to attend, assess and give you a fixed price to clear your drain.

Free callout and never an overtime charge

Free quotations

24hrs, 7 days per week

Fixed Prices

90 Day Guarantee on unblock

SMAS Accredited

NADC qualified CCTV surveyors

Local and Independent business

90-day guarantee offered on all blockages. Fixed costs, never any overtime / out of hours charge and all work carried out by fully trained and experienced local engineers.


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