Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is quick and efficient, and when it is carried out by a trained professional it can be done safely and effectively.

So, what is drain jetting?

It is a process of cleaning pipework free of oil, fats and debris. The system is similar to a domestic pressure washer but on an industrial scale. All of our vehicles are equipped with “state of the art” high pressure water jetting systems. Within the system there are long hoses attached to water tanks within our vehicles. At the end of the hose there is a nozzle, this is where the water is forced out via the engine at 3000psi. The hoses will be fed into the problematic drain and with the skill, technique and patience of our qualified engineers the blockages can be removed.

It can be carried out at domestic and commercial premises, but it is used widely in other industries.

Drain Unblocking
Commercial Drainage

Is it safe for me and the environment?

When carried out by a qualified engineer drain jetting is safe to you and the environment. There are strict guidelines which must be followed. The most important thing to remember is if these jetting systems can cut through concrete and tree roots within drainage systems, imagine the devastating damage it could do to a human body. Always stay behind the safety barriers and never approach an engineer when carrying their works.

Using water alone, it is the most economical way of clearing your drainage system. No chemicals are used when carrying out these works.

Here at Techflow Drainage we have a portfolio of commercial clients and domestic customers that use our services time and time again.

How will I know if I need a drain jetting service?

Sometimes it can be very evident when a drain needs jetting. The manhole or inspection chamber at your premises may be overflowing with foul waste. Other times drains are running slowly, bubbling back up, or there are pungent smells coming from the outlets within kitchens and bathrooms. When waste keeps backing up, or there are smells, you would be right to assume that there is something wrong further down the line within your drainage system. In summary, the benefits are:

Free callout and never an overtime charge

Free quotations

24hrs, 7 days per week

Fixed Prices

90 Day Guarantee on unblock

SMAS Accredited

NADC qualified CCTV surveyors

Local and Independent business

90-day guarantee offered on all blockages. Fixed costs, never any overtime / out of hours charge and all work carried out by fully trained and experienced local engineers.


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