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Drainage engineers are unsung heroes. Their role dates back well before the 18th century, and some research can even take us back as far as 3000BC. Drainage engineers today should all be qualified in their field of expertise and strict guidelines for health and safety should be adhered to. The career of a drainage engineer is far from glamorous, but what would we do without these unsung heroes?

During the 1800s there was a growing public interest in sanitary arrangements. Reformers generated stringent health laws, general boards of health and the Metropolitan Commission of Sewers. Following World War One in 1919, there was the introduction to the Housing and Town Planning Act which made it a minimum requirement for all new dwellings to have flushing toilets. Forty years later, the Government passed the 1949 Housing Act, starting a programme of grants for the improvement of privately-owned housing. The modern-day drainage engineer was born!

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During the 18/19th Century the job of a modern-day drainage engineer would have been that of a “Night Soil Man”. “Night soil” was the name euphemistically given to human waste because it was removed from privies under the cloak of darkness. This was so that polite society would be spared from confronting its own faeces as the men carted it away on a horse drawn cart, leaving a trail of green smog and stench in their wake. Each evening whilst towns and cities were sleeping, carts brimming with excrement rattled through the night streets. This was an antiquated solution to a modern problem.

“An 18th century card advertising the services of a London “nightman and rubbish carter”.
(Photo: Public Domain)”.

Back to the modern day, drainage engineers are mainly found to be working in day light hours. Unfortunately, drainage issues arise any time day or night so companies like Techflow Drainage operate 24 hours per day.

Our team of engineers are all trained, experienced and highly skilled, so they can assist you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They can all assist with unblocks, CCTV inspection and surveys, no-dig and dig repairs. They pride themselves on being knowledgeable, approachable and understanding to all of our customer’s needs.

Free callout and never an overtime charge

Free quotations

24hrs, 7 days per week

Fixed Prices

90 Day Guarantee on unblock

SMAS Accredited

NADC qualified CCTV surveyors

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90-day guarantee offered on all blockages. Fixed costs, never any overtime / out of hours charge and all work carried out by fully trained and experienced local engineers.


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