Happy Halloween! Read our Drain Horror Stories


Halloween is upon us once again. It’s that time of year for frightening costumes and spooky stories. Some of the storied we hear are urban legends, but like any good legend, there is always some truth within…

It’s in the drain

A teenage boy had started working the late shift at a local café, way out in the Cheshire countryside. It was that time of night when he was required to start cleaning down the kitchen. The sink started gurgling and groaning, spewing back the waste. Instead of hiring a professional his manager asked him to take a look at the grease interceptor outside the back door. The unsuspecting boy, which was always eager to please, began disassembling the trap. Before either of them knew what was happening, they were covered in vomit stenched grease, fat, and bacteria, which had been building up over the months.

There’s no getting away

As humans we are gifted with 5 senses and one of the most powerful senses is smell. Smells can take us back to childhood and happier times…or it can remind us of the most terrifying times. It was a beautiful summers day in Northwich, the birds were singing, the bees were buzzing and there was the smell of Roberts bakery wafting through the air. A young girl, no older than 6 was playing out in the garden with her elder sister. A green smog within the bushes started to make its way towards the girls. With the smog, came a repulsive odour making the girls eyes sting and their tummies turn. The girls wearing beautifully laundered smock dresses started to run from the smog. Heading towards the house to escape, they ran through marshy grass, splattering ghastly mud over their shoes and clean dresses. Their parents heard the cries from the girls and looked through the window. To their absolute horror they realised they had not pumped their septic tank in years!

Bye Bye Dolly

Lilly loved playing with dolly and her elder brother Tommy knew just what to do to terrorise his little sister. Lilly would build a cosy den in the downstairs toilet where she would feed and nurse dolly until she slept. Tommy called Lilly to play hide and seek. Later that day, the hustle and bustle of tea time was upon the household. Dad was cooking in the kitchen, and Mum was clearing the toys away. Suddenly she noticed brown smelly water seeping from the under the toilet door. Upon opening the door mum screamed as the brown murky water continued to overspill from the toilet. Lilly at this point panicked and that realisation dolly was missing.

The next day a drainage specialist carried out an inspection of the drain using CCTV equipment. To his absolute horror when looking at his screen he had what looked like two eyes glaring back at him. Turning his camera, and giving the object a gentle nudge, there was dolly’s head bobbing around in the drain, below the house.

How to avoid the terror

One of the scariest realisations of a story is its potential to happen to you. By employing preventative maintenance and pre-planned maintenance you can help avoid these dreadful scenarios. For more information contact Techflow Drainage Ltd. We are always here for you.

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