Common Drainage Problems

Here at Techflow we know only too well what an inconvenience drainage problems can be, and how common they are. Not only are they an inconvenience, but they can also pose a risk to your health as well as your property.

Let’s look at some common issues we see on a regular basis

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be caused by a variety of different factors. Facewipes, toilet fresheners, grease, food waste, sanitary products, tree roots, (the squeaky toy the children or the dog dropped into the bowl), as well as defective drains. A blocked drain when left can eventually overflow and pose a health risk, as well as an unpleasant smelling and sightly mess to deal with and clean up. Drain smells are sometimes the first thing you notice when a drain blockage is present. Drains can also be slow draining, bubble up and make some impressive gurgling noises. Blocked drains can often overflow out of sight and cause damp problems to your property and potentially, a more serious issue caused is subsidence.

Techflow Drainage have the latest equipment available to carry out high pressure water jetting, CCTV inspection as well as drain excavation and drain repair. All of our vehicles are fully equipped, and where possible we endeavour a first-time fix, at a fixed price.

Drainage Problem Excavation
Drainage Problem Excavation

Facewipes, Baby Wipes and Cotton Buds

Never flush wipes down the toilet as they can cause a drain to block. Lots of brands will claim on their packaging that the wipes are ‘flushable’. Yes, they may flush down the toilet but what happens after then? The wipes will not break down in the drain. Sometimes they catch onto small defects in the drain which then build up, causing a blockage….

Food Waste: Fats, Oils and Greases

All too often blocked drains and drain smells are caused by food waste containing fats, oils and grease. These should always be disposed of correctly. Fats, oils and grease once they have gone down the sink can solidify in your pipework or drainage system. Trust us, your once delicious homecooked meals no longer smell that good once they have been disposed of incorrectly down the kitchen sink…

Drainage Problem Excavation
Drainage Problem Excavation

Defective Or Collapsed Drains

9/10 issues certainly come to light with a leaking or blocked. Thankfully, with the use of CCTV equipment gone are the days where we have to dig up gardens and driveways, to inspect drains and determine the cause of damage. Here at Techflow Drainage we have invested in the best CCTV equipment. We are proud to be NADC certified surveyors which means our reports are mortgage and insurance approved…

Tree Roots In Drains

Tree roots in drains can be a real problem. Roots will penetrate the joints on the pipework and grow inside the pipe. This can often lead to a blockage within the drain or worse still, leakage of water to the ground below. Techflow Drainage have invested in the best root cutting and electromechanical technology, to remove these pesky roots from within your drains…

Drainage Problem Excavation
Drainage Problem Excavation

Blocked Kitchen Sinks

All too often it is usually food waste or grease that causes blocked sinks. Always dispose of waste oil appropriately and never pour it down the sink. A great way is to line a bowl with foil, pour in the oil and then some cheap porridge oats. Leave this to harden then put it out for the very grateful birds in your garden. Regular cleaning of the waste trap under the sink is also a good way to prevent blocked sinks. Left alone these issues can eventually cause a blocked kitchen gully or blocked drain underground.

Blocked Toilets

The first sign of a blocked toilet is usually the water rising in the bowl when you flush, or pungent smells. Warm water poured in the bowl can sometimes solve the problem however, the blockage may be further down the line and this could mean a blocked soil pipe or blocked drain. Kids toys, toilet fresheners, protruding pipes, etc. can all be the cause of a blocked toilet. It may be that there simply isn’t enough water getting flushed down the toilet or thick toilet paper is too much for the toilet to handle. Whatever the issue Techflow Drainage have the solution to all toilet problems and toilet blockages.

Drainage Problem Excavation
Drainage Problem Excavation

Blocked Septic Tanks Or Soakaway Systems

Many rural properties are not connected to a mains sewer and therefore have septic tanks or treatment plants. These can be anything from a simple brick-built structure, to a much more modern structure with an electricity supply and air blower to help the process of treating the waste. The most common problem we see is a blocked soakaway system or blocked septic tank. This can be indicated by pooling of smelly water on the surface.

Water is first treated in the septic tank or treatment plant then often drains to a soakaway system in the ground. The other way is to drain the treated water to a watercourse however recent changes to the rules do not allow this anymore. A CCTV drain survey can highlight any problems associated with a septic tank or treatment plant.

Rats In Drains

Rats, as you can imagine are not pleasant to have anywhere near your property. Our engineers can look for signs of rodent activity during a CCTV survey. A Rat blocker or rat gate can be fitted that acts as a one-way valve on the drain preventing the rats from getting close to the property.

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Drainage Problem Excavation

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